Hey, you!

At The Ranting Raven, polishing up your manuscript — or dragging it into the sunlight, if necessary — is what I do. I’ve worked with a range of people and companies, including big media magazines, small presses, marketers, and ESL writers working towards a Master’s degree, plus many more. Now it’s your turn.


What I Do

I’m a freelance writer and editor. If that’s who you need, awesome! Read on!

For a current list of my editing services, click here.

For a current list of my writing services, click here.


What I Don’t Do

In terms of genres? Most things, I can handle. For my writing services, I have narrowed the genres I’m willing to accept. I know the limitations of my expertise!

I don’t shy away from dark subject matter or explicit sex or violence. I can edit erotica. After reading Swedish crime novels and fan fiction, as well as watching ‘edgy’ French movies, I think my tolerance level for the weird and screwed up is pretty darn high.

[Fair warning: If your writing resembles Brad Thor’s or John Ringo’s (hilarious but very long review), I may struggle to get through your manuscript. This has not happened yet.]


The Process

If this is your first time hiring a freelancer, don’t panic! I’ll break down the simple steps that I take to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible:

1. You read this intro and the services I offer. If you think I can help you, then you fill out one of the forms and click submit. These forms in no way require you to hire me; they’re there so that I have an idea of the amount of time I’ll need to complete the project and to make sure I’ll be a good fit for your work.

2. We have an email conversation. We may complete a sample edit. We agree or not to work together.

3. We’ve agreed to work together! Yeay! I provide a contract and we both sign it. If you have an NDA you’d like to use, we include that. If you’d like me to provide an NDA, I include it.

4. After the contract is signed, I send you an invoice for half of the bill and book you on the calendar.

5. You pay the invoice and send me the documents needed.

6. I do the required work.

7. Woo-hoo, I’m done! I send you the completed work. If revisions are included in the services, those take place here.

8. I send you an invoice for the second half of the payment, and you pay it.



Try Me Out

For proofreading and copy editing services, I offer a free 1,000 word sample edit upon request. Just send me 1,000 words from somewhere in the middle of your story and I will edit them.



I use PayPal. You can use credit cards with PayPal even if you don’t have an account there.

Half of the payment is due upfront to reserve your time slot. I will send you an invoice when the contract is signed. After I have completed you project and sent it to you, I will send a second invoice for the second half of the payment due.


Cancellations & Refunds

As long as you notify me at least 96 hours beforehand, I will refund 100 percent of your down payment. For example, if the job is slated to begin April 30th, you would need to notify me on April 25th 11:59:59 EST at the latest to cancel and receive a refund.


Time Zones

Speaking of times, I work in one! It’s Eastern Standard Time. Please be patient if you don’t hear back from me right away; I will respond promptly when awake.