About TRR

Hi! I’m The Ranting Raven, or TRR for short. I’m the helpful but persistent voice at the side of the medieval tavern you just wandered into, warning you there’s about to be a murder, your friend’s in danger, and by the way, only fools order the bartender special.

I’ve always been good with words. At least, that’s what’s implied when people give up arguing with me and remark that I should have been a lawyer. After receiving a shiny new humanities degree from a prestigious university that didn’t immediately translate into acting work – shocker! – I spent several years figuring out how to learn various useful skills.

Somehow, through a “talent” I seem to have perfected, I managed to learn copywriting, SEO, affiliate marketing, and basic graphic design while not making money from most of them.

I returned to the performing arts and found the road to financial success there was even harder than the one to personal success, so I quit and made a decent amount of money from online retail. But it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life, and I am better at writing, so I’m back to writing and all writing related-things.

I love animals, so that must mean I’m not evil, right? Bueller? Bueller? I like dinner theater and long walks on the beach… wait, wrong profile. Never mind.