Portfolio of Recent Work

Recent Editing, Developmental Work, & Proofreading Projects:

Shared by the Oil Barons Taken Love Unmasked: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Her Men In Blue Potion Politics: The Weatherblight Saga 3 Vision Voyage: The Weatherblight Saga 2
Sword Sirens: The Weatherblight Saga 1 Dragons of Fate: The Gaian Otherworld 2 Loyalty Oath: Dark Impulse 5
Her Cold-Blooded Master: Levekk Invaders 2 Dragons of Destiny: The Gaian Otherworld 1 Hollywood Hearts
Water Nymph: Dark Impulse 4 The Quantum Dragonslayer Elements of Flames: The Otherworld Chronicles 1
Dust and Iron: Starship Satori 9 Blood of the Covenant Misfit Pack: Misfit Series 1
Emerald Keep: Dark Impulse 3 Prison Promise Stolen Mate: Shifters of Bear Den 5
Out of Nowhere Down to Earth Shadow Form: Dark Impulse 2
Journey to Pemberley Blood Mage: Dark Impulse 1 Future's Beginning